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Crack down on humidity

It’s official…summer is here! And guess what else is here? The dreaded humidity. Humidity is my hair’s biggest nemesis. Most days I wonder why I even bother to do my hair. Within seconds of walking outside, my sleek, straight style … Continue reading

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Hairbrushes by Olivia Garden

What’s the fuss with brushes? So many choices, so many styles, so many shapes and sizes. Some are expensive, some are not. Then, there’s different bristles and different materials they are made of. So many choices. Is it too many … Continue reading

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The Best in Brushes

Not everyone was blessed with what I like to call ‘good hair’, me included. It takes finding the right shampoo and conditioner, and the right styling products. It also takes the right brush. Look no further…Spornette is here to save … Continue reading

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2 Cute 4 Kids

What’s new 4 kids? Brushes, hair ties, lip balms…how awesome! Knot Genie has added to their cool collection of detangling brushes with a rainbow ombre pattern. But the kiddos will just see fun color. This brush is a dip-dye of … Continue reading

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Hair To ‘Dye’ For…

Dye-ing for a new look? Turn heads with Sparks, one of the top hair dye and color treatment brands. Sparks offers a line of permanent hair color in the brightest, boldest hues. So, if you’re ready for all-over color, maybe … Continue reading

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Prepare to be blown away…

Things are heating up with Solano! Most of us use heat to dry and style our hair. Who has the time to let it air dry? And let’s face it; the heat helps tame locks. But, it can also cause … Continue reading

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Are You A “Teeze”?

Hair feeling limp? Looking thin and lifeless? Get ready for some massive lift and volume. One of the best teasing combs out there is Teeze W/ Eez. It is hands down, my fave. Check them out.  You probably are thinking, … Continue reading

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